LLC POLTAVA LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT is a specialized enterprise with a powerful production and technological base has the ability to overhaul such locomotives: 2M62, 2TE116, 2TE10, TEP70, TEM2, TEM7, TEM15, TEM18, ChME3, TGM4, TGM6 and their line equipment:

  • 5-26DG, 1A-9DG version 3, 12-26DG, 7-6D49 (8ChN26 / 26) and others diesel generator sets;
  • diesel engines of the D49, D50, K6S310DR, 211D-1 (6N21 / 21) and other series;
  • dieselblocks;
  • bogies, wheel-motor units and wheel pairs;
  • 4TK, 6TK, TK-30, TK-34 turbochargers;
  • KT-6, KT-7, PK-5.25 compressors;
  • diesel air blowers and diesel speed controllers;
  • electric machines of the locomotives;
  • cooling sections and heat exchangers.

LLC POLTAVA LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT specializes in repairs in the amount of TR-3, KR-1, KR-2, KRP (overhaul with extension of service life):

  • TGM-23, TGM-4, TGM-6, ChME-3, TEM-1, TEM-2, TEM-7, TEM-15, TEM-18 shunting locomotives;
  • 2TE116 and 2TE10 freight diesel locomotives;
  • universal mainline diesel locomotives of the M62 series;
  • TEP-70 passenger locomotives and their line equipment.

Our enterprise includes the following main workshops: locomotive building, diesel engine, wheel, bogie, electrical machine, hardware, foundry and mechanical workshops as well as a workshop for the restoration of spare parts and other auxiliary units.

All the sites have been certified by JSC”Ukrzaliznytsia” with the right to perform works, which is confirmed by the Inspection Certificate and Certificate No. 073/21 dated from 08.07.2021 issued by JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” Branch “Scientific Research and Design Technological Institute of Railway Transport” , International Certificate of Conformity No. UA.PN.060.0023-21 for the right to perform current repairs (PR1, PR2, PR3), overhaul (KR1, KR2), overhaul with service life extension and modernizationfor locomotives of the M62 v / i, 2TE10 v / i, 2TE116 v / i, TEP70, ChME3 v / i, TEM1, TEM2 v / i, TEM7, TEM15, TEM18, TGM4 v series and TGM6 as well as their equipment, overhaul (KR1, KR2) of diesel engines and electric machines of locomotives, repair with a full examination of wheelsets of diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, electric trains and railcars.

In addition,LLC POLTAVA LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT was assigned an officially registered conditional stamping number 17  , which is confirmed by Certificate No. 16/2020  issued by the Branch of “Scientific Research and Design Technological Institute of Railway Transport” of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

Plant provides the following services:

  • diagnostics and control of the technical condition of metal load-bearing structures of a  locomotive  to obtain a technical solution for extending the service life of a locomotive;
  • installation and  reconstructive repair of all the security systems (EPK, BKB), ALSN of the diesel locomotive to obtain permission for the locomotive to be used at JSC Ukrzaliznytsia;
  • installation of a fuel consumption control system;
  • installation of Webasto prestarting heater;
  • installation of liquid and rod ridge wheel flange lubricators;
  • installation of a fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing;
  • installation of electronic speed meters;
  • inspection of metal structures and their joint welds, assemblies and components using non-destructive quality control methods;
  • restoration of worn-out surfaces, application of galvanic wear-resistant coatings;
  • a full range of bench tests of electrical equipment for locomotives with the issuance of relevant certificates and many others.