Poltava Locomotive Repair Plant

Repair and modernization of mainline, passenger and shunting locomotives.
Repair of linear equipment: wheelsets, diesels, electric machines of diesel locomotives and electric trains.
Spare parts for traction vehicles.

LLC Poltava Locomotive Repair Plant is one of the largest repair enterprises in Ukraine. The main customers of our products are the railways of Ukraine and Russia, countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia. The enterprise is closely linked by foreign economic contracts with Mongolia, the Baltic countries, the Middle East region and plans to expand the sales markets. Plant has specialized workshops and the necessary modern equipment to perform high-quality repairs and modernization.

Repair of locomotives

All types of repairs and modernization of traction rolling stock. A specialized enterprise with a powerful production and technological base has the ability to overhaul locomotives 2M62, 2TE116, 2TE10, TEP70, TEM2, TEM7, TEM15, TEM18, ChME3, TGM4, TGM6 and their linear equipment.


Modernization of locomotives

Modernization of shunting, mainline and passenger locomotives. The plant specializes in modernizing shunting lines and passenger diesel locomotives. The plant has a successful experience in the development and implementation of a number of projects for deep modernization of locomotives.


Repair and modernization of railway vehicle

In recent years, the plant has mastered and significantly expanded the list of repaired special self-propelled rolling stock. In addition to overhaul, we have the opportunity to carry out modernization with the replacement of outdated diesel engines at YaMZ of various modifications, corresponding to the power, installation of electronic safety devices on the lifting mechanisms.


Manufacturing of spare parts

The plant has a well-established production of iron, steel, non-ferrous casting and processing of parts of the cylinder-piston group of diesel engines, as well as mechanical processing of metal products using modern technologies. The enterprise manufactures over 3500 items of spare parts for locomotive repair.