LLC POLTAVA LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT is one of the largest repair enterprises in Ukraine, which specializes in:

  • Repair and modernization of mainline, passenger and shunting locomotives;
  • Repair of linear equipment: wheelsets, diesel engines, electric machines of the locomotives and electric trains;
  • Spare parts for the locomotives.
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The main customers of our products are the railways of Ukraine and Russia, countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia. The enterprise is closely linked by foreign economic contracts with Mongolia, the Baltic countries, the Middle East region and plans to expand the sales markets. Plant has specialized workshops and the necessary modern equipment to perform high-quality repairs and modernization.

The following services are available:

  • Machining on CNC machines (turning, milling, drilling, boring, grinding, threading and rolling);
  • Casting of metals (steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminum);
  • Manufacture of gear-wheels;
  • Production of finishing axles of traction equipment wheel sets from blanks;
  • Press work (up to 300 tf);
  • Electrodeposited coating of products;
  • Unloading, storage and loading of goods in road and rail transport;
  • Customs clearance services;
  • Bending of pipes and sheet metal.

Plant history

  • 1871 – The first large industrial enterprise in the city was founded in 1871 as the “Main Steam Locomotive Workshops” of “Poltava” station of the Kharkov-Nikolaevskaya railway, which was owned by the Russian Joint Stock Company

  • 1881 – In 1881, the treasury bought the road from the shareholders.

  • 1929 – In Soviet times, the plant became a state-owned enterprise, and after a major reconstruction of the “Steam locomotive repair shops” in 1929, the enterprise received a new status and became known as the “Poltava Steam Locomotive Repair Plant”.

  • 1943 – During the Second World War, the plant’s equipment and personnel were evacuated to Krasnoyarsk, where the production of mortars and ammunition was set up in a short time; armored trains and ambulances were built and equipped, airplanes were equipped with modified engines from the United States under the Lend-Lease Law. During the retreat from Poltava in September 1943, almost all the buildings and structures of the PPRZ were destroyed and burned by the German invaders.

  • 1949 – In 1949, the Poltava Steam Locomotive Repair Plant was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

  • 1953 – The plant was completely restored only in 1953, although the pre-war production volumes had been already reached in 1949.

  • 1963 – In December 1963, the first diesel locomotive of the TEZ series was released from factory repairs. In total, until 1984, more than 9 thousand locomotives of this series were repaired.
    Over the almost 100-year history of the steam locomotive repair production, from 1871 to November 1963, 16,561 locomotives were repaired in Poltava – including locomotives of the A, N, Ch, T, Ov, Shch series; in the pre-war years, the repair of powerful steam locomotives of the IS, FED, CO series was mastered.
    After partial reconstruction of the early 60s and the construction of a locomotive repair complex, the plant acquired a new status and was henceforth called the Poltava Order of the Red Banner of Labor Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant named after A. A. Zhdanov “.

  • 1967 – In 1967, the plant workers mastered the repair of the locomotives of the TEP60 series – the Poltava TRZ was the only plant in the country that was entrusted with the repair of these passengerthe locomotives and the production of spare parts for them.

  • 1973 – Since 1973, the enterprise has been repairing main-line universal the locomotives of the M62 series – these locomotives are still in demand among business partners of the Poltava plant.

  • 1994 – Since October 1994, the diesel locomotive repair plant in Poltava is an open joint-stock company.

  • 1997 – In the last decade, since 1997, the plant workers have mastered the repair of a fundamentally new series of such locomotives for the enterprise – passenger TEP70, freight 2TE116, shunting TEM7 and TGM6. In addition, a comprehensive modernization including also the replacement of power plants of such locomotives – ChME3, 2TE10M, 2TE10, 2M62, TEM7. Car retarders for KV-2 and KV-3 railroads hump yards are being repaired.

    In total, since the enterprise’s existence, the Poltava residents have repaired about 35 thousand locomotives.

    Business cooperation links the Poltava Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant with industry enterprises in Ukraine, Russia, the Commonwealth countries, the EU, Mongolia and others. Our own foundry and machining workshops, with a powerful EQUIPMENT FLEET, modern technologies and strict requirements for the quality of products – all these components contribute to the successful development of the plant’s machine-building base. One of the priority areas of the enterprise’s activity is the production of spare parts for locomotive repair production. Currently, the production of over 170 items of this product has been mastered, which is in steady demand among our partners.

    A skillfully built production development strategy, constant updating of the production base, flexible pricing policy, timely response to market requirements – all this contributes to maintaining the company’s image as a reliable business partner with a constantly positive development dynamics.

    Labor successes and achievements of the plant workers were repeatedly noted with high awards.

  • 2002 – Since 2002, the era of modernization has begun at the plant. Over the next 7 years, the enterprise has modernized more than 100 units of locomotives of the 2M62 series for Kaliningrad, Mongolian, Belarusian railways,

    JSC UKRAINIAN RAILWAYS, industrial enterprises in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Instead of the worn out 14D40 (12DN23 / 30) diesel engine engine for locomotives of the M62 type, the 12ChN26 / 26 diesel engine was installed as part of a 5-26DG diesel engine generator. The design of the diesel engine generator makes it possible to retain all the auxiliary and electrical equipment on the modernized locomotive. The modernization made it possible to increase the efficiency of the locomotive use and reduce maintenance and repair costs; operating fuel consumption up to 24%; fuel consumption at idle speed ~ 2.3 times; oil consumption ~ 2.5 … 3 times.

  • 2004 – In 2004, the National Expocentre of Ukraine recognized the plant’s staff as the winner in the category “Enterprise Out of Competition”. In December 2004 the jury of the International Competition “Golden Trademark” awarded the company as a winner of this prestigious competition.

  • 2007 – In 2007, the production of a limited series of the modernized ChME-3M locomotive for heavy mining and port work began. The modernization project was developed jointly with the CZ Loco company (Czech Republic) using unified modular equipment for the modernization of shunting locomotives of the ChME-3 series. As part of the modernization, the standard K6S310DR diesel engine was replaced with a Caterpillar CAT3512B diesel engine with electronic fuel injection, which increased the locomotive’s traction power from 993 kW to 1455 kW. As part of the modernization, such components as the main and auxiliary generator, compressor, cooling system, control system, etc. were replaced with modern ones.

    Over the next 5 years, 17 locomotives of the 2TE10 series were modernized for the railways of Yakutia.

    As a result of modernization under a joint project of GE and LLC Poltava Locomotive Repair Plant, the frame of the locomotive was strengthened, a new cabin and control panel for the locomotive, a new SuperSkid power module were installed, which includes the 7FDL diesel engine, traction and auxiliary generators,  microprocessor control system, electrical equipment, cooling system and other modern technological solutions. The modernized locomotives have proven to be reliable and trouble-free in extremely difficult conditions, and also have been certified by Railway Research Instituteof JSC Russian Railways. The work performed was highly appreciated by the vice-president of JSC “HC” Railways of Yakutia “.

  • 2013-2015 – A limited series of the ChME-3MP locomotive was modernized for easy shunting and removal work. The specialists of our enterprise, together with the company ZOS ZVOLEN (Slovakia), developed and implemented a modernization project using equipment manufactured by Ukrainian enterprises. As part of the modernization, the standard K6S310DR diesel engine was replaced with an economical Caterpillar CAT3508B SCAC with electronic fuel injection. The power of the locomotive has been 970 kW.

    As part of the modernization, the following equipment was installed:

    • the main and auxiliary generator, produced by the JSC PLANT ELECTROTYAZHMASH State Enterprise “Plant” Electrotyazhmash “;
    • modern micro-processor control and diagnostics system for the diesel engine and the main systems of the locomotive;
    • individual asynchronous electric drive of the compressor and traction motors cooling fans;
    • screw compressor unit with compressed air cleaning and drying system;
    • unified locomotive ALSN-MU safety system;
    • WEBASTO autonomous cab heating, fuel and working fluid heating;
    • BIS-R diesel engine fuel consumption control system;
    • modern fire alarm and fire extinguishing system;
    • electrodynamic (rheostat) brake system;
    • a cabin with a microclimate system, an ergonomic control panel and a lever controller;
    • cowlings of reduced height to increase the working area of ​​view of the locomotive crew;
    • semiconductor converters.

    The modernized locomotives have passed certification tests and have been approved for use on the railways of Ukraine.

  • 2019 – For the first time on the territory of Ukraine, our enterprise developed and implemented a project for the modernization of the TEM-2 series locomotive with the replacement of a morally and physically outdated diesel engine with a Cummins QST30-L2 one, which is paired with an A735U2 traction unit, as well as other new modern equipment produced by leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.
    During the modernization of the TEM-2 diesel locomotive, the following innovations were introduced:

    • modernization of the electric transmission of a diesel locomotive by installing a traction rectifier and converters on a modern element base;
    • installation of an electronic microprocessor-based diagnostic and control system with a monitor on the locomotive;
    • installation of the Mattei M111J (Italy) rotary vane compressor driven by an electric motor;
    • modernization of the refrigerator shaft with the installation of a fan driven by an electric motor;
    • installation of fans for cooling traction electric motors with an electric drive;
    • restoration of the geometrical dimensions and bearing capacity of the bogie frames, which made it possible to extend the service period of the locomotive by 10 years;
    • installation of an air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven and ergonomic driver’s chairs.