The topic of professional training of specialists for the railway industry is especially relevant now.

LLC “POLTAVA LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT” effectively cooperates with a specialized educational institution in Poltava. Throughout 2021, 49 students of the Poltava Professional Transport Lyceum were trained in real production conditions at our specialized repair company. Students of the 1st and 2nd courses in the profession “Locksmith for the repair of locomotives” underwent practical training in the diesel engine, locomotive building and crew workshops under the supervision of experienced specialists. They were involved in almost all production cycles. This is a great opportunity to gain invaluable professional experience for trainees, and to form a labor pool and adapt students to work for employee.

Cooperation of LLC “POLTAVA LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT” and Poltava Professional Transport Lyceum will continue in 2022. After all, young employee obtains experience due to the practice at the enterprise as well as idea on ​​the specific conditions for work at the production site. This is the only way to become a professional!