LLC Poltava Locomotive Repair Plant was determined as the winner according to the results of the tender. Thus, on December 30, 2021, an agreement with the Locomotive Department of JSC «Ukrainian Railways» concluded on the repair of linear equipment of locomotives. According to the Customer’s technical specifications, two 1A-9DG diesel generators will be repaired, at the same time new crankshafts will be installed. The tender procedure lasted from October 13, 2021. The amount of the contract is 25,672,800.00 UAH including VAT.
The delivery of equipment for repair is scheduled for early 2022.

1A-9DG diesel generator is V-shaped, 16-cylinder, with gas turbine charging and charge air cooler, is installed on the 2TE116 locomotives and has the following main characteristics:

Total power of the diesel engine: 2,206 kW (3,000 hp)
Crankshaft rotation speed: 850 rpm
Diesel generator weight: 28,900 kg
Overall dimensions: 6652 x 2040 x 2897 mm